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We manage Community Associations, all kinds of websites and domain names.  We are a Boutique Management Company because we looking for unique properties and websites to manage. While our goal is to manage all types of Community Associations in Chicago and Chicago Suburbs.  We are primarily specializing in unique properties and websites. The skill sets of our staff work best when given unique challenges and tasks.

While working on our unique challenges and tasks we must remain true to the governing documents of an association and all state laws. We must work closely with the association’s attorney to ensure strict compliance. Lawsuits are to expensive and time consuming, so they must be avoided by strict compliance with the governing documents and state laws. Consequently if we are acting within the governing documents and state laws we should have the law on our side but you never know because there are some crazy judges on the bench.

Dealing with people is the biggest challenge facing all boards and management companies. You have to listen to what their problem is. Repeat back to them what the problem is, so they know your understanding their problem. Then tell them your solution or position on the problem. They may start repeating their problem over and over again. Find different words to explain your solution to their problem. Try to explain your solution to their problem in different ways. Don’t let them get you upset, hold your calm. If they start raising their voice and start yelling, don’t yell back keep your voice down and calm. In a calm voice ask them “Why are yelling at me when I’m trying to solve your problem (restate the problem)”. Sometimes that calms them down, sometimes not.

Sometimes what they are complaing about is not the real problem and they are just venting on you. Look for signs of venting. If they add something else to the conversation like my husband just left me or I lost my job today, they are venting. Don’t take it personally because they are just having a bad day and looking for a way to blow off steam. If they are venting it’s a no win situation for you, you’re not their priest or physiologist so tell them you’re sorry for whatever their venting about (sorry your husband left you) and end the conversation.  If you don’t see signs of venting and they are still repeating their problem over and over, the conversation should be ended as soon as possible. State you solution to their problem one more time then tell them you hope their day gets better and then good bye.  Either walk away or hang up the phone.  After you have walked away ask yourself if they really have a problem? If they do, work your solution, contact management about the problem or bring it to the board at their next meeting.

As a board member or a manager the thing you cannot do, is do nothing because you don’t like the person. Just walking away and doing nothing will get you more grief every time.  You have to treat all members of the association in a fair and equitable manner regardless of their personality.  If it is the association’s responsibility to fix the problem, the problem must be taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. That means as soon as possible.

Sometimes the solution is as easy as telling them to attend a board meeting. We have found that a person may act one way while talking to an individual board member or the property manager and much better in front of the whole board. Sometimes they think about what you told them and they calm down by the time the board meeting rolls around, sometimes not. Thank God for cellphones because there are times when you have to call the police on an out of control person. You should only call the police if they are truly out of control and start physically attacking management or they are disrupting a meeting so you can’t get any business done. Tell them if they don’t stop you will call the police and sign a complaint for disorderly conduct. If they are physically attacking people just call the police A.S.A.P.

Dealing with upset people definitely makes your day more interesting. You can’t let it bother you, let it go. You have to let it roll off of you, because around the corner there is a person with a problem you can easily help solve.

Do you want to increase your property values?  When doing a walk thru of your property make sure you look at the property through a buyer’s eye. You deal mostly with the outside of properties so you are responsible for a buyer’s first impression of the property. Make sure everything is ship shape.

Think of landscaping as more than just cutting the grass. You have to keep the trees and bushes finely trimmed and looking good. If you have overgrown bushes, replace them with new manageable ones. The landscape improvement budget is probably the most overlooked line item in an association’s budget. Landscape improvements along with the outside appearance of your buildings, is priority number one concerning your property values. Curb appeal is one of the most important elements when attempting to improve your property values. You never get another chance to make a good first impression.

We are a Boutique Management Company, if you want fine, upstanding, hardworking management for your community association call us. If not there are plenty of shady, do nothing management companies out there that will take your money.

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